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How we can Adjust Dell Laptop Screen Brightness?

It is well known fact that bright LCD displays can hamper our eyesight. Even the under low-light can put strain on your eyes. If your working place is all lot up, then your Dell laptops dim screen may become difficult to see. As per better visual your screen’s brightness should closely match the brightness of your business environment. Dell offers several integrated hot keys for increasing and reducing screen brightness, as this may allow accommodating personal preference and change in the environmental conditions which are surrounding your portable PC. These brightness levels change are fully depend on the power source as you have to adjust brightness when it is plugged in or running on battery power.

Dell not only contradicts this condition but also help us out of these by offering several steps which enables us to adjust our brightness accordingly. Follow these steps or connect with an expert at Dell Customer Support team to speak with an expert and get step by step guidance to get over this concern.

First of all, hold the "Fn" key and then press the up or down arrows. This will increase or reduce brightness on most Dell laptops.Now, hold "Fn" key and press "F4" or "F5" to adjust brightness on some laptops, such as their Alien ware line of laptops.Then, now with the Right-click on a power icon in your Windows 7 system tray and select "Adjust Screen Brightness." Now you move the bottom slider right or left to increase or decrease screen brightness.

This process is as simple as piece of a cake. By this process Dell ensures required brightness or a particular period of time. If you still not able to follow this, then you can dial Dell support helpline number 1-800-921-785. They will surely help you out from this given situation. They will provide you a wide range of solutions. You can also ask them about different problems too, they will surely guide you anyhow and stay with you until you get satisfied with their resolutions.

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