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How to Turn Off a Dell Computer in a Safe Mode?

There are a lot of things after purchasing a Dell laptop from a store. You need to be able to take complete care of your laptop and should know about every harm or faults it suffers until it stays in your hands. The computers are likely to act up weird from time to time, and then a safe mode is only an option you can certainly use to troubleshoot a problem. It prevents the involvement of third-party applications from starting when a computer boots as only the program and drivers are required by its operating system which is loaded. It may be puzzling to a PC customer not familiar with protected mode, as the type of screen might be bigger in light of the fact that no video drivers were loaded. Shutting down a PC in safe mode is simple then it sounds, regardless of having an irregular look.

There are now steps which may help in shutting down laptop in a safe mode. You can seek assistance from Dell laptop repair centre sydney , in case; you require more information regarding its usage or any feature.

Shutting Mode

  1. First of all, Click "Start." If you cannot see a Start orb on your desktop, press a "Windows" key.
  2. Then, Click "Shut Down." Click "Yes" if you are prompted to confirm.
  3. At last, turn your computer back on, allow it to boot, and log in to Windows normally.


There are steps where you can disable its safe mode-

  1. Now, Click "Start" and type "misconfigure" into the search box.
  2. Press "Enter" and select its "Boot" tab.
  3. Deselect "Safe Boot" under Boot Options and click "Apply." You will still be able to activate safe mode by tapping on "F8" key when the boot screen comes up.
These given steps may help in achieving your goal. If you’re still having trouble after following these steps then you can get in touch with Dell Customer Support Australia . The geeks on other side listen to your problem and also suggest you some solutions regarding your actual problem.

For any assistance you can call our toll free helpline number 1-800-921-785. Our experts available 24* 7

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